Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh just didn't just test his players' toughness during Tuesday's rain-soaked practice.

He also tested their knowledge of early 1980s movies.

"I told them, once it was coming down, C.J. Mosley JerseysI said, 'Hey, the heavy stuff won't be coming down for quite a while yet,'" Harbaugh said.It was among the many famous lines from the 1980 comedy classic "Caddyshack". This one came from Bill Murray's character Carl Spackler, who said it to the Bishop on the golf course.

"Most of the guys didn't know that!," Harbaugh said. "But my coaches knew. [Linebackers coach Don "Wink"] Martindale knew it right away."

This is the first time this year that the Ravens practiced out in the rain. Baltimore typically heads into its indoor field house when there are weather issues.

When practice began, it was a drizzle. But it quickly turned into a downpour for the final two hours.

"You do get some good work throwing wet footballs, Dennis Pitta Jerseyscatching and snapping them ... because it will come up at some point in time," Harbaugh said. Elvis Dumervil Jerseys"It's worth staying out there and getting the work done. So, it was very valuable for us."

It was a new experience for safety Tony Jefferson, who had played his entire NFL career in Arizona. Eric Weddle JerseysCardinals coach Bruce Arians would have the team work in the practice bubble because he didn't like it too hot or cold.

"I kind of liked it," Jefferson said of the practice in the rain. Joe Flacco Jerseys"It gave you that football feel being out there in the rain. It made me want to hit somebody."

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